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How to Evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokemon

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet have tons of unique Pokemon, but one of the more unusual offerings is Gimmighoul. This Ghost-type creature was born 1,500 years ago inside a treasure chest and anyone who tries to steal this treasure will have the life force sucked out of them. Fun times. Gimmighoul comes in two forms, the classic Chest form and the Roaming form, which appears as a small, bug-like ghost. The evolved form is Gholdengo, an entity made of 1,000 coins. Learning how to evolve Gimmighoul is easy, but you’d better like collecting coins. 

How to Evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokemon

How to Evolve Gimmighoul in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

Before you learn how to evolve Gimmighoul (Pokemon 392 Violet version), you’ll need to capture them first. Search every treasure chest you run across, especially hidden ones in watchtowers, lighthouses, or ruins. Interacting with the chest instigates a battle and from there you can catch it by defeating it. 

Important note: While you may run across a wandering form of Gimmighoul, you can’t catch it which means you can only evolve it from the chest form. There is an exception to this we’ll cover later.

The steps on how to evolve Gimmighoul Violet vs how to evolve Gimmighoul Scarlet are the same no matter which version you have. You’ll need 999 Gimmighoul coin coins. Make that 999 of them. Evolving it into that greedy little Gimme gold Pokemon, Gholdengo, means you’d better start collecting coins asap. Once you have 999, simply level up your little friend and you’re home free. 

Ways to Collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins

Reminder, when you are ready to evolve your Pokemon, doing so will use up your collected stash. If you already have 999 coins and aren’t ready to spend them, any additional ones you get will be temporarily held by the janitor in Medali until you have less than 999 again. 

Now you know how many coins to evolve Gimmighoul, but where to find them? Here are a few methods:

  1. Roaming Gimmighoul. The tiny, roaming form of Gimmighoul can’t be caught, but it is a good source of coins. It can be found wandering pretty much anywhere and if you try to interact it will drop its hoard and bolt, a sum anywhere from 1-200. They also respawn relatively fast 
  2. Defeating or catching a wild Chest form will yield anywhere from 10 to 777 coins, so if you’re lucky it won’t take long to get what you need. The respawn rate is slower, though, and you’ll only find them in certain locations
  3. Using your coin bag in Pokemon Go. You can connect your Pokemon GO game to your Nintendo Switch version of Violet and Scarlet by transferring a Postcard from POGO. Doing this gives you the bonus of temporarily being able to catch the roaming version of Gimmighoul, which spawns on average every 1.5 minutes. You only have 30 minutes to capture these roaming Pokemon, then you will have to wait a day before reopening your bag and starting the chase again. The Coin Bag counts as an Incense type so you can’t use it with other Incense or a Mystery Box. 

Here are the exact steps on how to obtain the Coin Bag: 

  1. Pair your smartphone and Nintendo Switch
  2. Go to your Postcard book in Pokemon Go
  3. Choose your Postcard and select the lower right button to Send to Nintendo Switch
  4. Using your Switch, choose Connect to POGO and follow the prompts
    Pokemon coin bag
  5. You’ll see the Coin Bag in your inventory
    Pokemon coin bag

Now you know how to evolve Gimmighoul and the fastest ways to collect the coins you need. Happy hunting!