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How to Make a Dog Bed in Minecraft

If you want to learn how to make a dog bed in Minecraft, there isn’t just one method. The game’s biggest strength is how inventive you can be. Making a bed for your pet is no different. Still, there are a few elements you’ll need in place before you start making a bed for your dog. You’ll need a soft, cushioned surface and some kind of structured framework. We’ll tell you how to gather the right materials, what kind of designs to play with, and other ideas for your pets.

how to make dog bed in minecraft

Key Points

  • You’ll need wool to make the cushioned part of the bed
  • You’ll need wood planks or other framework for the structure
  • You can also make beds for other types of pets

Steps to Making a Dog Bed in Minecraft

Minecraftf dog house

Even though these steps outline how to make a bed for a dog in Minecraft, these steps also apply to beds for cats and other domesticated pets. How elaborate you make the bed is only limited by your imagination and the materials available

Speaking of materials, you’ll need wood and wool. Gathering wood should be a no-brainer and gathering wool will be a choice between shearing or killing sheep. Shearing sheep is more effective than killing them because you’re guaranteed wool and you can collect wool again after the sheep regrows it. Killing the sheep may only result in mutton, not wool. If you decide to shear sheep, you can craft shears with two iron ingots. Also, you can dye the wool before using it to make a colorful bed for your pet.

Now that you know what materials you need, here are some basic steps for how to make a dog bed in Minecraft

  1. Choose where you want the dog bed to go. This will likely be somewhere in your home.
  2. Gather your essential materials, such as wool and wood planks. Trapdoors, signs, fences, and planks can add structure to make the bed look more like an actual bed and not just some wool on the ground.
  3. Decide how you want to design the bed. One easy way is to dig a square shape one block deep and fill it with wool. You can also just put the wool on the ground if you prefer. Then, you can put a fence or wall around it and put your doggy inside.
  4. Feel free to leave part of it open so it looks more like a bed and less like a pen. However, it’s easy to make a full enclosure if that’s what you’re going for, like the one below.

    Minecraft dog bed

Many players like to incorporate their pet’s bed with their own. One popular method is:

  1. Build a temporary base of blocks so you can put a human bed on top.
  2. Destroy the blocks so the bed is suspended above the ground.
  3. Dig a square hole under the bed, one block deep.
  4. Put wool in the square hole.
  5. Use a framework of choice (trapdoors, slabs, etc.) to make a bed frame for the human bed. Don’t forget stairs or a ladder. You’ve basically made yourself a bunk bed, with your dog’s bed as the “bottom bunk”.
  6. You can also frame around your pet’s bed to make it look more defined.

Minecraft bunk bed

option to make a dog bed in Minecraft is to build your dog an actual little dog house with a bed inside. Don’t forget other pets too. You can build a lovely little kitty bed just as easily