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How to Make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

The fun in Minecraft is all the creative things you can build. With the endless possibilities, there’s a reason it’s still popular after all these years. If you want to know how to make a flower pot in Minecraft, it’s simple and a feature available in most versions and platforms of the game. You’ll need a crafting table, a furnace, and three bricks. 

Steps to Making Flower Pots in Minecraft

Minecraft potted flower

 Let’s cover all the basics to make your flower pot:

1. Make a Crafting Table

If you’re asking how to make a flower pot in Minecraft, you probably already know that a crafting table can help make complicated items. Here’s how to make one:

  1. Gather 4 wood planks of any type
  2. Open your crafting menu
  3. Put the 4 planks in the crafting gridMinecraft crafting table
  4. Your new table will appear in your crafting menu in the box on the right
  5. Put the table in your inventory for future use
  6. When you’re ready to use it, put the table on the ground and open it. Notice your crafting grid is larger

2. Build a Furnace

Now that your crafting grid is 3 x 3 instead of 2 x 2, you can craft your furnace:

  1. Gather 8 Blackstones or Cobblestones in the outer squares of your crafting grid. The middle square stays empty
    Minecraft furnace
  2. Put the furnace on the ground and open the smelting menu
  3. You’ll need to gather fuel, such as bamboo, wood, coal, kelp, etc. Put the fuel on the left bottom box in your furnace menu
  4. Place clay in the top left box of your furnace menu
  5. Once your progress bar is filled, you’ll have bricks that you can put in your inventory. Do this process again until you have 3 bricks

3. Craft your Flower Pot

Now that you have 3 bricks, here’s how to make a flower pot in Minecraft: 

  1. Open your crafting table
  2. Put a brick in the first row’s first and third boxes
  3. Put a brick in the middle box of the second row. Be sure to follow this pattern exactly
    Minecraft pot
  4. Your flower pot should appear in the box on the right of your crafting menu
  5. Put the pot in your inventory and use it as desired

You can decorate with plants and flowers you use with the pot. Put the flower pot on the ground and your plant of choice on top.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What plants can be potted in Minecraft?

There are some plants too large to fit in pots, but most small plants will, including:

  • Flowers
  • Tree saplings
  • Dead bushes (if that’s your thing)
  • Bamboo
  • Cacti (when planted, they don’t hurt the player)
  • mushrooms/fungi

What do you need to make a flower pot in Minecraft?

 3 bricks and a crafting table. It’s helpful to have a furnace too, to make the bricks yourself. 

Can you make decorative pots in Minecraft?

If you want your flower pot to stand out, craft it from pottery shards to make decorated pots. Finding the shards is time consuming, as you’ll need to find archeological remains to get them, but it’s worth it. Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather 4 pottery shards
  2. Put them in a diamond pattern in your crafting grid

[file:decorated-pot; alt: Minecraft decorated pot]   

  1. Enjoy your decorated pot

How you place the shards determines the decorated faces of your pot. Also, you can use a combination of shards and bricks if you only want certain sides of the pot decorated, leaving the others plain. The bottom slot is the side of the pot that will face outward, so if you want to make it fancy, that’s where to put the shard. The beauty of this game is the customization. Now that you know how it works, go nuts!

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