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How to Fix the Blinking Blue Light and Black Screen on PS5

PlayStation 5 not coming up after booting is one of the scariest issues for any console player. Many gamers occasionally experience this issue- their PS5 won’t boot properly and blinks blue light, which most people know as Blue Light of Death (BLOD).

PS5 gamers tend to be scared when their screen is blank after turning on the console or their console flashes the blue lights. The fear of having a mechanical problem with your console or your desktop or TV is real. And the feeling is sent down the spine in seconds, especially when you’re already fantasizing about specific stunts and how you would share your PS5 game captures with your friends.

Well, you don’t have to sweat it anymore. The fixes I would expose in this article are all you need to get over your worries.

One minute! How about I let you in on why your PS5 is giving you such a headache at the booting stage before we tackle it? It’s no bother! 


Why is your PS5 having a booting problem?

Before discussing the solutions, we must know why PS5 blinks blue light or BLOD while displaying a black screen. Let’s get to it!

Faulty GPU or HDMI Chipsets on the Motherboard

Your console GPU or HDMI can get fried up through the excessive heat emanating from the console. Poor ventilation in the room where the PS5 is situated can cause serious damage to the console’s motherboard. When your GPU or HDMI is fried up, this problem is out of your control; and all you can do is call a technician or Sony’s customer care to decide how to fix it.

Corrupted files

Storing unnecessary corrupted files or wrong configurations can make your PS5 misbehave. Storing these files can easily manipulate the functioning of your PS5. So it’s better to delete such files and not create a backup for the unnecessary files.

Video Resolution

The High video resolution set on your console may not be compatible with your desktop or TV. Picking a suitable resolution that your TV or desktop supports will help eliminate the blue lights and prevent your screen from going blank.

Fixes for blinking blue light and black screen on PS5

Shut down and reboot your system

One of SONY’s recommendations to fix the blinking blue light is to shut down and reboot your system. To shut your console fully, press down the power button on the console until you hear two beeps, then let go. Once you shut the console, you can wait for minutes and reboot it. If it is still blinking blue lights and showing a blank screen, wait a minimum of 20 minutes; if there are no changes, try other fixes.

Clear System Software Cache

The next step is to clear the system software cache to clear the memory of the PS5 off unnecessary files. Boot back into safe mode (hold the power on button until you hear two beeps), connect your controller to your console using HDMI cables, Select option 5- Clear Cache and Rebuild Database, then press Clear System  Software Cache.

This clears out the unnecessary temporary files stored on your console memory. Boot up your console after performing this step if the problem persists. Go back to safe mode and choose option five again, then this time, select Rebuild database. Try to boot up your system after the database rebuild; if it still won’t boot up and continue flashing blue lights, try this next step.

Change Video Resolution

Boot your console into safe mode, then choose option 2- Change Video Output. Select the Auto mode; this allows the console to set the video resolution that best fits your desktop or TV.

Restart your Console

This should be your last resort when trying out fixes, as it will cost you your data and every other player’s data stored on the console if not backed up. Boot up into Safe Mode again; select option no 6- Restart. This clears out the database stored on your console. While you’re thinking of this last resort, you should know that there are things you should avoid doing on your PS5.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, your console can boot up normally without blocking blue lights and showing any black screen with these fixes. While also trying out these fixes, don’t forget it might be that the version in the console is obsolete; updating the version might also solve the problem.

All things being equal, boot up your game and start playing with no glitch!

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