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How to Get an Axe in Animal Crossing: Get Flimsy and Upgraded Axe Easily

Life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be pretty difficult without the right tools to mine and shape the world around you. Speaking of tools, an axe is pivotal, and you’ll need a stronger one after learning how to make an axe in Animal Crossing.

The Flimsy Axe is only ideal for chopping trees and other light tasks and will break after a few usages. Given this, your best bet is to get a sturdier one such as an AxeStone Axe, or Golden Axe. I’ll walk you through how to go about it in this guide, so keep reading to find out how to get an axe in Animal Crossing.

How to Get an Axe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


As discussed earlier, there’s only so much the Flimsy Axe can do when cutting and mining your way through the island. And what better way to do that than to get a stronger one?

The steps in this section will guide you, but first, let me walk you through how to buy an axe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Timmy, Tom Nook’s nephew. Mind you though, the axe you’ll be able to buy from Timmy depends on what has been unlocked to you and how far you’ve gone in your campaign.

That said, follow the steps below to buy an axe:

  • Go to Tom Nook’s tent and approach Timmy and Tommy, Tom Nook’s nephews
  • Initiate a conversation and navigate to the shop
  • Hit the right bumper to switch over to the tab for other items
  • You’ll see an Axe up for sale and its price in Bells in front of it
  • Select the axe to purchase it.

How to Get an Upgraded Axe in Animal Crossing


Once you’ve used the Flimsy Axe to an extent, you’ll feel the need to upgrade. The only problem is you can’t get other Axe types unless you’ve amassed 3,000 Nook Smiles. You’ll need to complete myriad tasks on your island to get the required number of Nook Smiles. 

Once that has been settled, follow the steps below to get an upgraded axe:

  • Go to the Nook Stop terminal on your island
  • Select Redeem Nook Miles from the options at the terminal
  • Next, select Pretty Good Tools Recipe to purchase it with your Nook Miles. It contains recipes for upgraded variants of various tools
  • Check the required materials in the Axe Recipe and collect them
  • Once you have them, hit a Workbench on your island and craft the axe


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Final Notes

And that’s how to get an axe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You did it! And the good news is you won’t have to craft an axe you’ve once crafted anytime you need to replace it. You can simply purchase it at the Nook’s Cranny store. But with 100—200 hits, any of the upgraded axes should last you for some time before shattering to pieces.

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