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Seamless Method to Share Playlist on Apple Music

Whether you’re going for a long drive or a daily workout session, tailored playlists are the best way to enjoy the moments. Like many other online music streaming platforms, Apple Music also offers this feature.

Moreover, you can share playlists you create on Apple Music with your friends and family members to introduce them to your favorite songs and instrumental music tracks. In case you don’t know how to share that, read this article till the end.

Here, we’ll tell you the best way to share playlist on Apple Music. But first, learn more about the Apple Music playlist.

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What Is Apple Music Playlist

Apple Music is a streaming service where you can enjoy music and videos. Besides listening to existing playlists, people can also use this platform for on-demand music streaming. Today, it’s considered one of the most popular streaming options for music, with an amazing selection of artists and tracks.

It also offers you the option to create a playlist. For example, you can put all your favorite songs that belong to a single genre into a playlist. Thus, you can easily listen to them one after another without having to search for each song individually.

Besides genre, you can also create playlists based on occasions, such as long dring, workouts, Zumba dance, or even house parties.

Share Playlist on Apple Music

Before you proceed to share your Apple Music playlist with anyone, remember that the recipient needs to have an Apple Music subscription to listen to the playlist you’re about to share. If they don’t have it, you won’t see the “Share Playlist” button even if you follow this tutorial carefully.

Therefore, make sure both of you are Apple Music subscribers and have your profiles set up correctly on this music streaming platform for seamless playlist sharing.

How to Share Apple Music Playlists: For iPhone and iPad Users

Apple Music Playlist Share

If you use iPhone or iPad, here is what you should do for playlist sharing:

  • Take your device and open the Apple Music app on it.
  • Look at the bottom of the screen to find the Library icon and tap it.
  • Select Playlists to enter the list of the playlists you’ve created on Apple Music.
  • Tap the playlist you want to share.
  • After selection, tap the three-dot at the top of the screen.
  • From the menu, choose Share Playlist.
  • Now, you’ll see various options to share your playlist pop up on the screen. If you want to get a link for that playlist, tap Copy. Or you can choose other options as your preference.

Wrapping Up

Apple Music is a great app that lets you listen to some great music. If someone is new to this app or wants to explore a new domain of music, you might want to share playlist on Apple Music with that person.

Following this guide, you can do that easily on any device such as iPhone or iPad. If you don’t own any Apple device, you can still listen to Apple Music on Linux.

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