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What to Build in Minecraft Survival

In the Survival mode of the Minecraft game, players get a vast canvas where they need to survive while flaunting their creativity. Here, you will learn what to build in Minecraft Survival mode.

what to build in minecraft survival

What to Build in Minecraft Survival: Top 10 Items

Check out the top 10 things you should build in Minecraft Survival.

1. A Shelter

Nighttimes can be dangerous in the Survival mode of Minecraft. With zombies, creepers, and skeletons lurking around, you must build a house to take shelter. You can create basic shelters by building walls around you with destroyed blocks.

2.  A Traditional Crop Farm

If you are new to Minecraft Survival, a conventional crop farm is a great thing to build. You can grow crops by plowing the soil and planting the seeds and then, eat crops as foods. The harvested crops can be used to breed animals as well.

3. A Barn or Animal Farm

Once you have built sufficient food resources, it is time to invest your resources in developing an animal farm. You can breed cows and chickens on your farm. While cows produce raw beef and leather, chickens produce meat and feathers.

4. A Dedicated Mine

In order to gain ores (diamonds and golds) in Minecraft, novice players spend a lot of time mining. Creating a dedicated mine for this purpose will make sure you can quickly get to the bottom of the world.

5. A Crafting Table

If you are wondering what to build in Minecraft Survival mode at this stage, it is time to build a crafting table. Hit a tree around 15 times with your fist. Once the log breaks, collect the woodblocks to create the table.

minecraft survival mode iron farm

6. Iron farm

While iron farms are not an obligatory item, you can build them when a village has a spawn location close to it. Whenever the villagers feel vulnerable, they can use the iron golem to safeguard themselves.

7. Tools

A crafting table makes it easy for the players to build different tools, such as a Wooden Pickaxe or sticks. These tools will offer you support during mining and farming.

8. A Starter Base

Consider it as an unstated Minecraft rule that every player must follow. You can create a base by digging a hole in the mountain or hill. However, a starter base must include items, such as a bed, a crafting table, storage chests, and furnaces.

9. A Desert Base

Like the other spaces of Minecraft, the Desert also has no limit. In fact, some resources can only be found in the desert. For this reason, having a desert base is mandatory so that you can visit the Desert any time you want.

10. Secret Storages

Every resource you collect in Survival mode should be kept safe. Almost all the structures contain a secret passage that leads to secret storage. Therefore, you should utilize this facility to build secret storage spaces.


Since players have no resources in the beginning, you need to know what to build in Minecraft Survival mode. We discussed some basic things Minecraft players should build for a starter. After gaining more resources over time, you can proceed to make other items.

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