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Add Legal Signatures To Your Important Documents Using SignNow

Adding legally valid signatures on documents that are to be transmitted as soft copies is a huge concern. Documents are not just critical because of the information they contain but also because because they are to be regarded as a transmission of authority. While companies all over the world are trying to reduce the amount of paper they consume, printing, signing and scanning documents to ensure their validity adds up to a lot of consumed paper. SignNow is a web service that allows you to add legal and secure signatures to any document, it allows multiple people to sign a single document and sends the signed document to recipients. Signatures can be added using a pen & tablet or they can be typed in.


To add a signature to a document, upload it (click Upload and Go on the Home screen). PDFs are recommended for best results but the site supports other document formats as well. Once the document is uploaded, click the ‘Sign’ tool and add a signature. Enter your email and the document will be sent to you, you can add multiple recipients from the CC field and sticky notes as well. The document is emailed as an attachment to all recipients. The service currently has a free version only but a pro version is in the works.

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