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Auto Context Adds More Options To Firefox Right-Click Context Menu

Do you want to increase your productivity by adding more functionalities to the Firefox context menu? When I want to Google something, I first highlight the word, open a new tab, and then copy&paste it to the Google Search box on the upper right corner. By doing this I am able to search for that word in new tab without disturbing my work in the main window. This process is a serious time waster if you do like this multiple times a day.

copy and pasting word in google

Auto Context is a Firefox add-on that adds more options to the context menu, thus saving you the headache of copy/pasting everything. Once you have installed this add-on, highlight the word and it will automatically bring the popup context menu(no need to right-click).

auto context context menu google

You will be amazed to find the options in this context menu, there are three additional copy options: Copy as plain text, Copy as HTML, and Copy as real HTML. Apart from it you can also print the selected text or save the selection to any file. Further you can search for this text on Google or any other Search Engine installed in your browser.

search for text using different search engines

The list of search engines showed in the context menu are similar to the Search Engine list in the search box, see screenshot below to understand.

firefox search box engine list

If the text is a link, then you can open the URL in either new tab, new window, or new selected tab.

opening url auto context

You can configure everything, from changing Behavior to adding Exceptions and Extensions.

auto context configuration

This add-on is more than a year old and have been reviewed by many websites, but the latest release includes some important bug fixes and new functionalities. The full list of extensions this add-on supports are:

  • Open-Tran
  • BabelZilla Glossary Extension
  • SearchWith
  • Organize Search Engines
  • Add to search bar
  • Nuke Anything Enhanced
  • DownThemAll!
  • Define Word
  • HighlightAll

Some functions of these extensions will be available in the showed popup menu. Enjoy!


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