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Auto-Detect, Subscribe & Launch RSS Feeds In Google Reader/ Feedly [Chrome]

TPGoogleReader is a Chrome extension that automatically opens unread items from Google Reader in new tabs and marks them read. The articles are opened in full-version and the number of unread feeds is also displayed on the extension’s icon. This Chrome extension makes reading and subscribing to feeds an easy and pleasant experience. TPGoogleReader lets you specify the number of unread items it should open in tabs which prevents an explosion of tabs in a single window should you have something close to 50 unread items in your feed. The extension also offers users with icon click functionality, which allows you to open the pop-up on a single click, open Google Reader on a double-click and open unread items on a triple-click. The icon-click actions are fully customizable and can be changed from the extension’s Options. Moreover, you can toggle between the automatic or manual mode, and open one, five, ten, twenty, fifty or all unread items at once. As the tabs are opened for the unread items, the unread item count on the icon is automatically decremented in the toolbar.

When a website is RSS-enabled, the extension’s icon turns from green to orange and starts blinking. You can then click it to open the popup and see the list of feeds on the page. Select a feed to open it in Google Reader or Feedly. In addition, when you navigate directly to an RSS or atom page, the page is displayed in a monospace font with preserved formatting, or is directly opened in Google Reader or Feedly. You can auto-open new items from the pop-up, open the feeds from a current webpage or go to Google Reader.


On the Options page, you will find six tabs, including Basic, Pop-up, Tabs Opening, Multi-clicks, Tweaks and For Geeks. From here, you can select Google Reader or Feedly as your primary feed reader, enable detection of feeds on pages, generate feeds for feedless pages and more. Note that you should have Feedly Chrome extension installed, if you want your feeds to open in Feedly.


The actions for Multi-clicks can easily be changed from drop-down menus. Select an option for each click mode according to your preference, hit Save, and you’re good to go.


TPGoogleReader is a user-friendly extension that works seamlessly and provides you with the latest content from your favorite websites. The extension definitely deserves your attention, so visit the link below and give it a try.

Install TPGoogleReader For Chrome

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