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Auto Hide Navigation Bar (Address Bar) In Firefox 4 Just Like Chrome

Chrome Canary is out and ready for testing, the one feature that’s got everyone talking is the ‘Hide Address Bar‘ option. The option lets you hide the Omnibar when you aren’t using it and now Mozilla Labs has come up with an extension of it’s own to mimic this feature. Prospector – LessChrome HD is an extension that will auto hide the navigation bar in Firefox.

Prospector - LessChrome HD

This restartless extension will hide the navigation bar, the bookmarks bar and all extension buttons on the navigation bar. To access either of these bars or the buttons, mouse over a tab and they will reappear. Unlike the hide toolbar option in Chrome Canary build, the extension also takes away the forward, back and home button. The bar reappears if you right click anywhere on the page but does not appear when you click a new link, load a new page or reload the current page.

Install Prospector – LessChrome HD For Firefox


  1. but also unlike chrome, you can just move the back and forward buttons to the tab bar at any time to achieve the same effect…

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