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Capture Screenshots Of All Open Chrome Tabs In A Separate Window

Recently, we covered a Chrome extension, Tab Expose, that allowed users to manage their open tabs more effectively with thumbnail previews. Chrome Tab Panel- Expose Tabs is a similar extension for Chrome that takes screenshots of all your open tabs and displays them in a new app window. This window is launched when the button is clicked in the toolbar and runs as a separate process. With it, you can quickly open or close selected tabs. Moreover, a tab count is displayed on the button in the toolbar to show how many tabs you have open in total.

Working online with a large number of tabs has never been an easy task. When you have a lot tabs open and can’t find the right one, simply click the button in the toolbar and the extension will take screenshots of all your open tabs and will display them in a new window. Also, each tab can be closed or opened from this window. In addition to that, whenever a webpage changes, the extension instantly takes a new screenshot of the page and the existing one is updated.

Chrome Tab Panel

The extension aims to mimic the tab grouping feature in Firefox and while it is a reasonable effort, the extension needs more work. The screenshot method is, for some reason, rather slow. If you’ve ever grouped tabs in Firefox, you know that you can’t even tell when snapshots of a webpage are being saved. With Chrome Tab Panel- Expose Tabs it is very obvious and the screenshots are refreshed when you navigate to another page in any tab. Switching is also a bit glitchy. The extension, if taken on its own and not compared to Firefox is best described as a method for switching between tabs and windows. Perhaps one of the main things that need attention in this app are the way or rather the speed with which screenshots are taken since that seems to take up the most time and is repeatedly done when you leave a page. The screenshots themselves are of no use to a user since they can’t be saved and edited. As opposed to capturing an entire page, a simple shot of the visible area would help to begin with.

This is a pretty neat tool that increases your productivity and makes tab management much easier. Install the extension from the link below, give it a try and let us know what you think!

Install Chrome Tab Panel – Expose Tabs For Google Chrome

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