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Goal.com: Live Scores, Fixture Details & News From Soccer Leagues [WP7]

Being a sports fan, there are some Windows Phone 7 apps without which I just can’t imagine my Mango phone, like ESPN ScoreCenter, NFL Pro ‘12 and ScoreMobile FC. These are only those apps which I use regularly; apart from these, WP7 has many other good sports apps as well, and the list is always growing. Goal.com is an app which has been released just a few days ago, and in that short span of time, it has become pretty popular among fans of the beautiful game, soccer (or football, if you prefer to call it that). The Goal.com app has the latest news, analysis, scores and fixture lists from popular soccer leagues all over the world. In addition to that, no matter if you are a fan of Arsenal or Schalke, or any other popular team, you can pin their app page to your Start screen and stay up to date with the latest happenings regarding that club.

Goal.com WP7 Goal.com WP7 Home

Upon first launch, you have to specify which leagues and competitions are of interest to you, so that Goal.com presents you with information related to those leagues only. Just toggle on the desired competitions and hit the get started button. The app will take you straight to its homepage, where all your selected competitions are listed. You can pin any page of the app to your Start screen, include the homepage, and that makes the app a real pleasure to use. Tapping the name of any league will take you its own page, where you can view the current standings, upcoming fixtures, news and a lot more related to that competition.

Goal.com WP7 Team Standings Goal.com WP7 Match

Every upcoming fixture has got a page of its own in Goal.com, listing the time of kick-off, the date and just about any other information you might want to know. If the match is currently underway, it is possible to get live scores for the game, and the squads for both teams are listed as well. In the transfer zone, you can learn of all the squad changes the clubs have undergone in the recent transfer window.

Goal.com WP7 Live Scores Goal.com WP7 Article Goal.com WP7 Twitter

Goal.com has a Twitter section, where all the sports-related tweets are listed. If there are any games going on right now, you will find their current situation in the Live Scores menu. Upcoming fixtures are also listed here. To get in touch with the latest going-ons in the sport, there is the News section, and each article you open there can be read in full and shared with your friends as well.

Goal.com is a free app, but supports ads. You can download it from the web Marketplace link below.

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