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Windows 8: Our Detailed Coverage, Everything You Need To Know


Over the past few months, there has been a lot of buzz about Windows 8, ever since Microsoft initially showcased it last year and released a developer’s preview, which we extensively covered for you. Today, at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Microsoft is releasing the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and as always, we will be providing you with an in-depth coverage of everything Microsoft’s latest operating system optimized for both PCs and tablets has to offer.

Update: Windows 8 Release Preview is now available for download. It adds Bing-powered Metro apps, a slightly revamped UI, stripped down Flash support for Internet Explorer 10 and greater stability.

Update 2:  Windows 8 RTM has been released for MSDN and TechNet subscribers. The final, public release is scheduled for the 26th of October, 2012.

Update 3: The final, public version of Windows 8 is now available for purchase. While most of the new features remain the same, for the few changes and a complete perspective on the final build, read our Windows 8 review and guide to new features. The guides below provide a a detailed look into each individual feature.

Purchase Windows 8

The much-anticipated Windows 8 is probably the most major release to Microsoft’s desktop operating system till date, especially when it comes to significantly changing the way we interact with our computers. It incorporates the excellent Metro UI from Zune and Windows Phone, into major parts of the entire operating system, which is a big shift from the old desktop interface. Therefore, there will be a lot of new features, as well as new ways to utilize the old features.

The Consumer Preview has significant changes (100,000 according to Microsoft) from the Developers Preview, and it reflects the end product that Microsoft will be shipping to the end users more accurately.

Today as well as over the coming weeks, we will be bringing you detailed coverage of all that has changed, and will be updating the links right here in this post.

See our complete coverage below.

Don’t forget to check out our previous guides (updated to reflect new changes).

More articles, guides and tips to follow. Stay tuned!

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