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Check PHP And JavaScript Code For Syntax Errors In Firefox

Code Highlighter is a Firefox add-on to parse those text areas which contains code for both PHP and JavaScript in order to show syntax highlighted code to users. The small extension was written for application developers who need to copy & paste code each time from web browser into some development environment to check the code for syntax in-discrepancies. While allowing users to the check the code for syntax errors,  it also reflects changes made to  JavaScript & PHP code in the text area of web page in question, which comes particularly useful in instances when you need to compile the code on the fly to check the functionality of the PHP or JavaScript module.

You can make use of it while copying & pasting code snippets with all the code-supported characters and symbols to prevent any errors during execution. After the add-on is installed,  it will reside in the status bar. On web page containing PHP or JavaScript code, click its icon and from mode, select the respective language.

php 1

The code viewer will show up, letting you make changes to code on the fly. You can either copy the modified code to development environment or view compiled result of modified code in output window (if compiler is available on web page).

php 3

The extension is in experimental stages. According to developer, support for more programming languages will be added soon.

Code Highlighter Extension for Firefox

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