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Clean Firefox Interface and Translate Text With Replacement

Cleaning the Firefox interface and translating webpage text; it’s an usual combination of functions to have in a single extension but that’s what Replacement gives you.The translate feature is really just something extra but what this add-on really gives the user is the ability to hide all those unused icons, notification bars or search bars that appear ether by default or because you’ve installed some other add-on. The end result is you’ve got a clean Firefox window to work with.

Replacement for Firefox

Once installed, simply access the add-on from the bar that appears at the bottom of the window and click ‘Replace’. Mouse over the button or bar you want to remove from your Firefox window. If the bar or button can be removed, the Hide  option appears.Click Hide and the desired feature will be hidden. This is a two click way of hiding any app or search bar that you no longer use without searching through your installed add-ons and then manually disabling them.

Once hidden, the buttons and bars can be restored by right-clicking on the Replace button (when it’s in idle mode) and clicking reset. Replacement lets you hide buttons and bars one at a time but when you click ‘Reset’, they’re all restored. If you close your browser and re-open it, everything you’ve hidden will be restored. it works for one browsing session only.

The Translate feature is a quick way of translating text on a page without opening Google Translate and pasting the text in it. The only problem is that it will only translate text in your local language setting. Simply click on the ‘Replace’ button and mouse over text that you want to translate and click ‘Translate’ when it appears. You can translate text one word at a time but the developer recommends that text that is too long shouldn’t be translated. Google Translate is used to provide translations but no options for changing the language are available.

Download Replacement Extension for Firefox

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