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ClickBoard: Create Notes & Export To Google Docs [Chrome]

ClickBoard, a Chrome extension, is a one-click web clipper that lets you copy selected text, page title, URL, image links etc, to the clipboard and save them as notes in a compact pop-up for later use. These notes can then also be exported to Google Docs with only a click or two. With it, you can create, manage and organize notes with a simple interface that allows you to add tabs, so that your notes never get mixed up with other ones. ClickBoard automatically saves selected text along with the URL and date. Moreover, you can sync and export notes to Google Docs in various formats, such as Spreadsheet, Plain text and HTML. The extension also gives you the ability to star and choose specific folders when exporting notes to Google Docs. ClickBoard offers users with two themes and layouts, where you can view notes in a compact version or an expanded one, depending upon your preference.  Furthermore, you may search and print notes directly from the pop-up.

When text is selected, an icon appears right next to the text, along with a tooltip that displays the highlighted text. Users can click this icon to create notes, or they can simply use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut. ClickBoard entry also appears in the context menu when you right-click a page. From it, you have access to other copy options to quickly send title and URL of the current page, links and images to the clipboard. You can also copy text from any html element you click on. Notes can also be pasted into text boxes using the right-click context menu or the Ctrl+Shift+1-9 combination.


As soon as you select text, desktop notifications are displayed showing you the copied text and the URL of the website.


After you’ve created notes, click the Give Authorization option to Save, Load or Export notes to Google Docs and restore them with just one click, whenever you want. In addition to that, you will find a number of options at the top right corner of the pop-up. Click the magnifying glass icon and enter text to search the term in your notes. If a note doesn’t contain the entered text, then it will be greyed out. Also, tabs can be dragged & dropped, the theme can be changed, and notes can be printed.


When you click the Export to GDocs option, another pop-up is displayed which lets you Export notes as HTML, Spreadsheet or Plain text. Additionally, a destination folder can be selected and the exported document can be starred.


By default, the extension does not work on https webpages, and to enable it on these pages, access the Settings and click the checkbox next to the enable on https option. You can also enable other options, such as show icon, highlight, add page URL and more.


The extension changes the way you work online, improves your productivity and lets you save time. Install it from the link below and give it a try!

Install ClickBoard For Google Chrome

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