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Convert Text To Speech In Your Firefox Browser With SpeechUtil

Listen to text

Many applications are developed to help people with impaired vision and hearing problems, to allow them to use a computer with convenience. Windows 7 itself has an ease of access center with built in programs to server this purpose. SpeechUtil is a Firefox extension that plays any part of selected text from a web page. This can be greatly useful for people with impaired vision and for those who may be willing to listen to text from a website in the form of audio speech.

After installing this extension, simply highlight a part of text from a website and click on Listen Selected Text from the right click context menu. This will playback the selected text in speech format with in a small audio player that can be paused and played according to user preference. The volume can also be managed by clicking on the Speaker icon. SpeechUtil can be quite handy for not only visually impaired people but also to understand the text from websites which may have a very small text size. Moreover, it can be used by people who may prefer to listen to text from a web page rather than having to read it out. For example, when going through a Wikipedia page while researching on something.

SpeechUtil Extension for Firefox

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