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Create And Collaborate On Web Content For Different Pages Using Minible

When developing a site, everything from design, functionality and flow is given a lot of thought; hours can be spent on just deciding what the color scheme should be and while all these factors are given their due importance, content often takes a backseat. Minibal is a web app that lets you integrate web content in the designing stage; instead of using dummy text, you can add real text that will appear on the site in the app and share it with the designer. The app lets you add multiple pages to a single site in a hierarchy so the content for each page is never mixed up. Different clients can be added by a single user and comments can be posted for each page.


To start, sign up for an account; the client you add on signing up can be accessed from the ‘Select a Site to Edit’ dropdown menu. You can add more clients sites after signing up. For a single website, you can add multiple pages. Pages can be added in a hierarchy, i.e. pages can be assigned a parent page. The app lets you add text and comments to a page which can be viewed and edited by the client when they log in to the app.

The app isn’t for huge team collaborations but it ensures all your content is in one place and is categorized under the right page.

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