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Create Music Playlists And Share Them On Twitter With Tunebirds

There are multiple services that let you create and share playlists on Facebook but there aren’t as many that let you do the same on Twitter. Tunebirds is one of the more simpler and easier to use services that is geared exclusively towards sharing music on Twitter. The service’s interface is aptly similar to the twitter interface. You can search songs and create a complete playlist or share them individually.


To create a playlist, search for songs in the search bar, each song result displayed has a Share this Song and Add to playlist button under it. Clicking the Add to playlist button will add the song in a Panel on the right. Once all songs have been added, click the Share this Playlist button and click Tweet in the dialog box that pops up.

The service keeps a record of all songs and playlists that you’ve shared. Each playlist has its own URL and a Twitter account isn’t necessary to listen to it. The service has its own song player; you can skip a song in the playlist by simply clicking on it from the song list below the player.

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