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FVD Speed Dial: Customizable New Tab Page With Powerful Options [Firefox/ Chrome]

FVD Speed Dial gives your new tab page a gorgeous layout consisting of bookmarks, custom background, custom dials, groups, most visited links and much more. The extension is highly customizable and allows you create your own speed dials, along with a Most Visited category that automatically populates the sites you visit most often. Each dial contains a group with the full list of URLs visited by you, related to that domain. Additionally, you can add any dial from the Most Visited category. Another great feature of the extension is that if you’ve closed a page or multiple pages earlier, you can always reopen them by clicking the Recently Closed category. You can block URLs from the speed dial, change the background color and more. Also, you can group speed dials in to different groups, such as default, work, home etc.

After installation, simply click the new tab button and you will be presented with a page with slick speed dials at the center, and a black colored bar displayed to the left, with all your installed apps. You will be able to select different categories from the toolbar displayed at the top of the page. Both the sidebar and the toolbar can be minimized, and a double-click on the page allows you to show/hide dials and links.

speed dial

You can then set whatever site you want for each dial and add new ones. When you start typing a website’s URL, the instant search feature automatically displays a list of websites you’ve visited, so you can simply select one from the list. Additionally, you can create groups of dials and manage them easily.

add dial

You can switch to Most Visited or Recently Closed categories from the toolbar. For both the categories, you can either display the Links or Titles for the websites. You will also be able to filter results by All Time, Last Month and Last Week options for the most visited pages, and for a better visual experience, you can click the down arrow on the Speed Dial option to adjust the size of the dials (big, medium, small, custom, or list), adjust the number of columns, change the background color or text color, and pick an image to be used as the background.

most visited

The Global Options have two basic categories, Main and Appearance. The Main category lets you select an option for the Default dial, enable Speed Dial, Most Visited and Recently Closed categories. Moreover, the opening of the page can also be customized, the page can be opened in a new tab, current tab or in a background tab. At the bottom of the page, you will also find a slider that you can move to change the Dials Opacity. Next, the Speed Dial Options allow you to enable the Show speed dial button, Display popular group and more.

global options

The Background Options allow you to change the color or select an option from the several modes for setting the background image, such as Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile and Center, whereas the Fonts Options let you change the colors for Title, URL, List Links and more.

fonts options

FVD Speed Dial gives users visually more appealing means of accessing and launching their favorite or most visited websites. The extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox, and can be installed from the links below.

Install FVD Speed Dial For Google Chrome

Install FVD Speed Dial Add-On For Firefox


  1. How do you get FVD Speed Dial to work with Custom New Tab for Opera. You have to get it to override Opera’s built in speed dial.. Which URL is connected to FVD Speed Dial? I would use it in Firefox but Firefox is way too buggy and the flash player issues make it ridiclous to use so I’ve turned back to Opera.

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