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Detect Web Page Compatibility Issues And Their Cause [Chrome]

Ensuring web page compatibility is a developer’s nightmare; after spending days making a web page the last thing anyone wants to do is try and figure out why everything doesn’t align the same way on every browser. Considering the pace that browsers are releasing new versions, compatibility seems like a never ending nightmare. Browser Compatibility Detector is a Chrome extension that makes life somewhat easier for the developer; the extension identifies 40 different compatibility issues related to layout, rendering and JavaScript and highlights the area where the issue exists.

browser compatibility checker

To check a web page for issues, install the extension and load the page you want to check. Click the extension icon (a check sign super imposed on the globe to look like all’s well in the world). The Basic tab tells you what errors it has detected on the web page. Click the Advanced tab to check where those issue appear on the page. Clicking on the Advanced tab will reload the page and highlight each area with a number. The tab displays the issues along with the number of occurrences on the page and each number that appears on the page corresponds to one of the issues.

The extension identifies ‘potential’ things that might cause a compatibility issue, developers of course can’t start using it as their trouble shooting guidebook but it’s a quick way to get an overview and it saves you time that you’d have spent doing the task manually.

Install Browser Compatibility Detector For Chrome

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