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Enhance YouTube’s Music Search With Filters & Artist Information [Chrome]

seevl For YouTube is a Chrome extension that lets you explore music in a contextual way, by providing you with intelligent music suggestions and connections between artists on YouTube. With it, you can tailor what you want to listen to by browsing artists, labels or genres, or by combining all these features together to find new ones. seevl uses relations between artists and gives you automatic recommendations based on your current music track. Additionally, it offers you with artist biographies, fact-sheets, information about collaborations, influences, genres, record labels, and lets you learn how everything is connected. After you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that a seevl music search option has been added right next to the search bar. When you click inside the search bar, a drop-down menu with multiple search categories is displayed, letting you select an option and enter a query for it. Also, results are updated as soon as you enter new filters to refine your search criteria.


As you select categories and enter queries, results will be displayed accordingly. You will also be able to view the total number of results, a description, and thumbnails for each video.


What’s more, when you normally search and listen to music on YouTube, seevl adds a compact sidebar to the right hand-side of the page, with Biography of the artist, a Fact-sheet and Suggestions. You will be able to read detailed biographies for each artist and view the Fact-sheet that basically consists of Activity, Origin, Genre, Instrument and Label(s) information.


The Suggestions category lets you discover new music and displays tracks by similar artists.


seevl delivers a unique contextual and entity-focused approach to music discovery. The extension lets you find your favorite bands and tracks with only a few simple clicks. seevl has a lot to offer to all the music junkies out there, so visit the link below and try it out for yourself.

Install seevl For YouTube For Google Chrome


  1. Hi Again – a quick heads up to let you know that we’ve just released a completely new version of the plug-in: better UI, more discovery options, etc.

    Hope you’ll enjoy, and thanks again for the feedback. If any question or comment, feel free to e-mail us.

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