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Facebook2Zip: Batch Download Photo Albums From Facebook In ZIP Format

Facebook2Zip  is a web service that allows you to download your personal, as well as your friends’, Facebook photo albums in a single zip archive. You can download individual or multiple photo albums in the blink of an eye with this web service. All you need to do, is to sign in using your Facebook account with this web service, and start downloading!

choose friends

After you have logged in with your Facebook username and password, you can choose albums either from your own account, or your friend(s)’ albums by just typing their names in the search bar. Please note that you can only access those albums of your friends that you can view on your Facebook account (hence, it won’t bypass any privacy settings). Click the Next button to choose the albums you want to download.

save albums

You can choose a single album by clicking on the album’s name, or do a multi-select using the CTRL key. Clicking Download will prompt Facebook2Zip to grab the selected album(s) in the form of one single ZIP archive. Should you make an incorrect choice or cancel the operation, there is an Abort button available.

Downlaoda file

The service is pretty fast as far as conversion of albums to ZIP is concerned, but time will change depending on the number of albums you select. Download speeds, however, are solely dependent on your internet connection and related parameters. It’s simple to use, and perfect for those occasions when you could not make it for the Christmas Holidays yourself, but want to show off the beautiful family photos that your mother uploaded.

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