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FB Phishing Protector Makes Facebook Browsing More Secure [Firefox]

Phishing is a technique that hackers and cyber criminals often employ to acquire confidential information, such as passwords, social security numbers, credit card info and much more. It is typically done through fake websites that look or feel exactly like the legitimate ones. One of the easiest methods used to hack Facebook accounts is by creating a fake login page, or by redirecting you to one. FB Phishing Protector is a Firefox add-on that protects you from phishing scams carried through XSS injection attacks while you’re browsing the social network. It protects the users by blacklisting all script injection attempts on Facebook, thus making sure that no external domain can be contacted except safe ones. More after the break.

Currently there are only two whitelist domains that are allowed through FB Phishing Protector; Google Analytics and Google. Every time another domain tries to inject a script, the protector generates a warning pop-up, letting you know that an unknown script has been blocked.


Facebook Apps can also be fake, and can even prompt you to give them your account details or redirect you to a Facebook-look-alike. This handy add-on will provide you with a more secure Facebook browsing experience and will guard you against such phishing attempts as well. FB Phishing Protector is similar to our previously-reviewed Nophish For Firefox, but the latter provides protection against a much larger network. Visit the link below to check it out.

Install FB Phishing Protector For Firefox

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