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Track Real Time File Changes In Directories With Track Folder Changes

Track Folder Changes is a portable application for tracking real time changes within directories and sub-directories. It displays a list of created, deleted and changed files (highlighted in separate colors) for a selected folder, which enables monitoring real time alterations within a specified directory. This can help users keep an eye on file rendering processes and to track a processes which may be causing issues within a database directory. For example, if a virus is replicating files on your server, you can specify a directory and track real time changes being applied to numerous files and sub-folders. Likewise, tracking folder changes can help you understand the file creation, deletion and file alteration pattern. This may be handy to help identify how often an application (such as a virtualization program) may require creating, changing or deleting files. Such calculations can help identify specific needs for the respective application (e.g. potential hard disk space requirement for a dynamically expanding virtual disk).

Track Folder Changes has a simplified and self-explanatory interface. Once you specify a directory, all sub-directories and respective files are displayed in a tree. Different kind of file types are highlighted in separate colors, to help the user identify file changes. The newly created files are highlighted in green, whereas the files that have recently been changed are displayed in blue. You are even provided with a list of deleted files that appears in brown color.

Track Folder Changes

This makes it easy to understand the real time file changes at a glance. It not only helps you view file changes, but also to identify and open required files (such as recently changed files, highlighted in blue color). You can open any file, directory or copy its path via right-click context menu.

context menu

Track Folder Changes is an open source application, which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Track Folder Changes

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