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FBSecure – Customize Permissions That Facebook Apps Ask For [Chrome]

Just to set things straight from the start, this isn’t a tutorial on how to manage permissions and privacy settings for apps on Facebook. FBSecure is a Chrome extension that lets you customize what permissions an app asks you to allow before you start using it. Good apps, which are very rare, will offer users two different sets of permissions, if one seems too obtrusive to the user and they choose to opt out of using the app, they are presented with another permission request which asks for access to less information. Few apps allow this and you mostly have to do the ‘all or nothing’ bid if you want to play the new Smurfs game. This extension forces these apps to ask for and get access to less information. It removes permissions for posting on your wall, accessing your birthday and sending you email.


Once installed, the extension’s icon appears in the URL bar whenever you are prompted by an application for permission. Click the icon and a pop-up will open allowing you to disallow the application from asking specific information. Once you’ve unchecked the options you want to disallow, click the Update Permissions button and the page will reload.

FBSecure permissions changed

An updated permissions page loads and does not ask for permissions you removed using the extension. The extension allows you to use apps but gives these apps less access to your information.

Install FBSecure Extension For Chrome

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