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FeatureFix – Easy Access To Source View, Alt Text & Offline Mode

Firefox is no doubt a powerful and popular browser and it’s now developing fast with releases slated sooner than the previous ones. Updates and new versions are great but not everyone might be able to keep their comfort level with each one especially since Mozilla has been tucking its really great features away in little secret corners for the sake of being minimalist and users might not have found them all just yet. FeatureFix is a Firefox extension that makes it convenient to view a page’s source code, edit your source code viewer, switch between online and offline mode and get more information when you mouse over page elements on a web page. It adds buttons that conveniently give you access to all these features without digging around in Options  or about:config.

FeatureFix options

To customize what you see when you mouse over an HTML element, go to the extension’s options and under Popup element attributes select the options for the attributes you want to see. You can also add a Copy ALT Text and Copy TITLE Text options to the right-click context menu. Additionally, you can remove both the Go and Bookmark star button from the navigation bar. You can also change how the close buttons appear on tabs or remove them completely from the Tab behavior option in the extension’s options.

FeatureFix element attributes

The extension also makes it easier to change your source code viewer. You can do it either from the Configure Source Viewer button in the extension’s options or by dragging out the View source code button that the extension adds from the toolbar customization menu. Clicking the button once opens the current page’s source code in which ever viewer you have set (or the default one if you haven’t mad any changes).

view page source FeatureFix

The extension also adds a button to toggle offline and online mode, the button, which looks like a fist bump, has to be dragged on to the navigation bar just like the view source button. When green and connected, it shows that Firefox is running in online mode, when red and disconnected, the button means Firefox is running in offline mode. Dragging & dropping the extension’s icon on to the navigation bar will let you access the extension’s options, restart Firefox and give you quick access to the error console. If nothing else, this extension makes it easier to familiarize yourself with the options available in Firefox. It presents the options in language that might be easier to understand and also explains the consequences of a change that you make.

Install FeatureFix Extension For Firefox

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