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fixPicture – Online Image Resizer And Converter For Digital Camera Owners

fixPicture is an image editing application for quickly resizing, adding effects, and converting your photos online. It is developed for digital camera owners who want to quickly retouch their photos while on the go. It comes with two versions: light-weight and flash-based image editor with subtle differences. The light-version is HTML based, facilitating users with slow internet connections, whereas flash-version is rich in features, offering a great number of effects along with basic image editing tools.

Light-Weight Image Editor

The HTML based application is simple as it offers only basic tools. You simply need to upload the desired image and from Resize, Rotation, Effect, and Output sections, select the options you want to apply. Resize option comes with Percentage and Pixels modes, however, you can choose custom size. Under Effect, you will find 5 pre-listed image effects. It supports conversion in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and PDF formats.

fixpicture html

Flash-Based Image Editor

The flash-based editor is visually aesthetic and offers smooth image processing and rendering. It includes all the tools of HTML based editor, in addition to some more advance and useful tools like color intensity controller, which let user set image brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, lightness, and saturation.

FixPicture Flash

There are more than 5 effects present in left side bar, including some widely used effects like; Blur, Sepia, Depth, Grayscale, etc.


Once you’ve edited the picture, click Save image to disk, and choose both the image quality & format (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc).

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