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Focus Keyboard Adds Keyboard Enhancements To Firefox

Focus Keyboard is an extremely useful extension for Firefox that adds a handful of keyboard enhancements to make your overall browsing experience seamless. It focuses on those monotonous steps that we take to open websites, edit URLs in the address bar, copy the URL from within the webpage to address bar  etc., and replace them with overly simple ones. For instance, with this extension, you no longer need to highlight the URL in the address bar to edit it or enter a new web address, just start typing the web address you wish to visit and it will automatically start entering a URL in the address bar. Similarly, you can use Enter key to reload the page and Delete key to quickly jump to the end of a URL address to edit it. It also allows adding URLs in Ignore list to let you browse through defined websites without these functions being enabled.

After the extension is installed, move to the Extension Manager window to configure the options. The General tab refers to all the Keyboard Focus specific features it offers. Under Main features section, you will find options to Automatically type into the location bar, Tab in order between check elements, and to Highlight tabbed element. From right side, you can enable different keyboard buttons enhancement options, such as, Escape key to blur focus from any web element, Enter key to reload the current page, Delete key to jump to end of URL in address bar, and Ctrl + V to either paste the copied text to address bar or to search bar.

Focus Keyboard Preferences

If you don’t want to use these keyboard enhancements functions on specific web pages, head over to Blacklist tab and enter complete URLs of web pages which are to be excluded.

blacklist 1

Focus Keyboard provides small yet much needed keyboard enhancements functions and will come handy for those who prefer using only keyboard. It works on Firefox 3.0 – 4.0.*

Install Focus Keyboard Extension for Firefox

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