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GChat Pix: Share Images Through Google Chat Via Drag & Drop [Chrome]

Gmail Chat is an absolutely amazing feature that lets you chat with your Google contacts without needing a desktop client. It might not be your preferred chat medium when you’re home and have the luxury to install any chat client you want but at work, things are different. At work you might not have the freedom to install any app that you want and that’s where Gmail Chat is so useful. Although Google Chat allows you to chat with any of your Gmail contacts without requiring the desktop client, it doesn’t allow sending files. The only option with Google Chat is to send file as email attachment. GChat Pix is an extension for Chrome that allows you to send files through Google Chat. It uses its own server and uploads the file you want to send to it. It then pastes the link to the file in your browser window and you can share it on chat.

After the installation, just drag & drop any file from your desktop to the chat window. When you drag an image over the chat box, it is uploaded to the GChat Pix server. A link to the image appears in your chat window. Simply hit enter to send it. An image thumbnail will be displayed in your chat window and a link to the image will be received on the other side. This can be done while the chat window is open in the browser or when you have the chat window popped out.

GChat Pix

The uploaded files are only available for 24 hours for download which gives the added advantage of making the chat and information shared more secure. Unlike using Gtalk, this isn’t a P2P transfer so there are both advantages and disadvantages to it. The major advantage is that once the file has been uploaded and the link has been sent, neither you nor the recipient need to be online. Your recipient has a 24hour window to download the file and you don’t need to be online for them to receive it.


Although it is surprising that Google hasn’t found a work around solution for this, there are multiple ways like this one, to send files over chat. The service which the files are uploaded to are that of the extension’s so there aren’t any third parties involved and you know your files re just something between you, your friend and the server.

Install GChat Pix Extension For Chrome

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