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Generate Playlist For All Videos On A Particular Webpage [Chrome]

Everybody loves watching videos from sites like Facebook and YouTube, but sometimes, searching for videos/tracks in unending lists and feeds can become frustrating. So, if you’re sick of scrolling Facebook feeds and YouTube playlists for music or entertaining videos, then Moovu Video Clipper pulls all videos from a particular webpage and lets you play them in a beautiful interface, without any clutter. With it, you can literally transform any webpage into a playlist and turn your browser into an amazing platform for viewing, collecting and sharing videos. Moovu makes sure that you stay tuned with all the videos on the web and never miss one again, with the best part being the fact that you can listen to all of them sequentially, without having to open all those YouTube links or scroll back and forth through your feed. You may share videos with your Facebook buddies and even play them in a pop-up. The Chrome extension works perfectly on websites like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

After you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that a button has been added to the toolbar, which you can simply click to load all the videos from that particular page into a slick black playlist, with a nice clean layout. The playlist is displayed at the bottom of the page, while the video takes the rest of the space, giving you a clear view. Note that when you hover your mouse over a video thumbnail, Moovu displays the name of the person who shared the video and the total views for it in a tiny pop-up. You can use the forward/backward arrows at the end of the playlist to scroll through it, and click a song to play it. Initially, when the videos are loaded, the first video in the list is played automatically. At the end of the toolbar, you will also find Share Playlist and Save Playlist buttons.

facebook playlist

While browsing through your Facebook feeds, you can hover your mouse over a video thumbnail, and a tiny toolbar with three basic options will appear next to it. Using this toolbar, you can play videos either in full-screen or a pop-up. The video pops up at the corner of the page, so you can watch it and browse Facebook at the same time.


Similarly, videos found on YouTube are also pulled and displayed in a playlist.


Moovu Video Clipper gives you fast video search capabilities and an amazing interface with a unique layout, that gives you a streamlined video watching experience.

Install Moovu Video Clipper For Google Chrome

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  • liron farel

    I just tried it, and apparently they got some more awesome stuff!

    You can connect with your facebook account, and they let you save any video on their cloud service for free… unlimited… so cool!