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Get Email Alerts In Google+ With Native GMail for Google Plus [Chrome]

As long as Google+ is still new and there’s still a lot of hype over it, many people will be logging in everyday perhaps just to see if any of their friends jumped the Facebook boat or maybe to explore yet another feature they just heard about. The only problem is that exploring Google Plus might cause you to neglect something important like watering your plants or a high priority email. Native GMail for Google Plus is an extension for Chrome that adds email notifications next to your Google ID. It shows total number of new emails received, clicking on the notification opens a dropdown that lists who the mail(s) is from and the subject.

Native GMail for Google Plus - Beta

The email notifications only appears on your Google+ page and not on any other Google service page.You can set how soon the extension should check for new emails from the extensions’ options and if it should keep checking even when you aren’t on your Google+ page.

Native GMail Plus

Install Native GMail for Google Plus For Chrome

Update: Unfortunately, this extension is no longer available in the Google Web Store.

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