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Get Video Streaming For Spotify Playlists And Songs In Tubufy

Spotify is a popular music streaming site currently open to select European countries and coming soon to the US. While the service is exemplary in itself, it is still just a music streaming site and leaves users wanting a video streaming experience. Tubufy is a service that finds the most relevant videos from YouTube for songs on your Spotify playlists and lets you play and share them on Facebook and Twitter.


Tubufy can search and stream videos for entire playlists or for one song at a time. Simply enter the URI for a song or a playlist from Spotify client and hit the ‘Gimme’ button. All songs from your playlist will be listed in a panel on the left; you can scroll through different songs, jump to another track or shuffle songs.

You can also post comments to any song or playlist using Open ID, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Disqus ID. The service is free and requires no signup or login.

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