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GlassMyFox Lets You Enable Aero Glass Effects For Firefox

The Aero Glass effect in Windows 7 and Vista makes window frames look translucent. It’s mostly a cosmetic feature aimed at making the appearance of a window more appealing but it also allows you to see a shadow of which windows are open in the background or the icons on your desktop. GlassMyFox is a Firefox add-on that enhances the Aero effect for all Firefox windows. Provided you already have Aero Glass enabled, this add-on will make menus, toolbars and windows, transparent. The add-on has multiple options for customizing how Firefox looks with the enhanced Aero effects. Summarily, you can select different Aero themes for the tabs in a window, change the appearance of the Firefox button, change what preferences, dialog and bookmarks’ windows appear, customize dropdown menus, toolbar text, the bookmarks and history sidebar text, appearance of buttons in general and set the New Tab page to be translucent.

The windows, toolbars and menus all turn transparent once you’ve installed the add-on. Visit the add-ons preferences to start customizing the appearance. The Glass with tab variations option lets you choose one of nine different glass appearances or turn the effect off completely. The Firefox button lets you customize the orange Firefox button to rather turn transparent or to look like the Aurora or Nightly button. From Preference windows, dialogs, Library etc. option you can choose to enable one of two glass effects for option windows and dialog boxes that open in Firefox.

The Dropdownmenu options let you change the background and text color for dropdown menus. You can select custom colors for the text and the text shadow. The Toolbar text changes the appearance of any and all toolbars you might have enabled in Firefox. Other Glass/transparency tweaks is for customizing buttons and the appearance of tool tips. Other tweaks will let you make changes to the interface that are not relate to the Aero effect like having visible menu separators or more space between the URL and tabs bar. Finally, Expert tweaks allows you to set the new tab page to have a completely transparent background among other things.

The add-on is good for one of two things; to customize and enhance the Aero effect for Firefox or to disable it for the browser. Depending on how you like the look of your browser, this add-on offers a trove of customization options that are easy to understand and play around with for the average user.

Install GlassMyFox Add-On For Firefox

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