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Google Offers For Chrome: Discover & Share Hot Deals In Your Area [Extension]

There are various applications and websites out there that can help you discover the best deals in your area, but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to go through a multitude of apps to find the best deals? Google Offers is a deal-of-the-day web service from Google that lets users find and buy best deals in their local areas. There is now an official extension for Google Chrome called Google Offers that helps you quickly find the best, latest deals. The extension displays latest product/service offers in a slick pop-up with large thumbnails for each deal. Using this extension, you will never miss a deal, whether they’re from Google or any of Google’s partners, including Gilt City, kgbdeals and zozi. If you like a deal and think your friends might also be interested in it, you can share it on social media websites

After you’ve installed the extension, select your location from the drop-down menu. It will show all the latest offers in your area. To buy a deal or to look up the details, simply click the View & Buy button. If you want to share the deal with your buddies on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, then hit the Share button.

deals and categories

Since the service itself is in Beta and only available in the US, the extension will be of no use for non-US residents. Unlike the web service, there is no way to narrow the offers displayed into the Featured, All or My offers categories available on the service page. There does not appear to be any option to sign in to the app even though it is accessing the Google API. For many users this might be a more convenient way of browsing offers near them as opposed to receiving them in their inbox. Since the service is still in beta, the extension itself will be limited in what it can do. In addition to geographical location restrictions, there is no way to filter offers by type or price or even discount percentage. No doubt that since the service is from Google, it will gain traction as it expands and people from other regions will be able to take advantage of it.

The extension works perfectly without any issues. It will surely come quite useful for people who want to quickly find the best deal in their area. You can install Google Offers official extension by hitting up the link below.

Install Google Offers For Chrome

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