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Grab Articles Or Books From The Web And Convert To ePub In Firefox

The internet is full of interesting stories but you don’t always have the time to read them all. Reading online content can consume a good part of the total time you spend online (it could be at work or at home) but it nonetheless cuts in to your productivity. One of the many things you can do to read a good article later is use the GrabMyBook extension for Firefox and create an ePub format book of all the articles you find and download it to your eReader.


Why use GrabMyBooks though? There are a ton of other ways to get web content on you eReade GrabMyBook isn’t a service, it’s an extension that installs and works in Firefox and you don’t need to visit the permalink of each article when you add it to GrabMyBooks; you can right-click any link and add it to your book from the context menu. You an edit article titles and it auto generates a table of contents based on the article topic you set.

You can create your own articles too, which makes the extension an excellent tool for creating an article repository and a quick way of taking notes to read on your eReader. In addition to saving entire articles, you can also use it to just save the webpage URLs. You can add articles throughout the day and at the end download them in ePUB format and copy them to your eReader.

Install GrabMyBooks For Firefox

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