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How To Track Any Ship’s Exact Position/Location With Sailwx

Sailwx is a simple service that allows you to track any ship’s position in real time. Whether it’s a cruise ship or a cargo ship, you can track multiple ships at the same time. Additional information such as tides, pressure, air temperature, water temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and wave height  are also available. You will be able to see the live location of the ship on the map.

live tracker ship locations

You can search ship by either browsing by ship type or entering it’s name. The database is updated regularly so that you can track the live ship’s position.

ship location

It’s dead simple to use and no registration is required. Enjoy!


  1. While on assigment in Mexico, I saw an “unmarked” (no hull numbers) larger gray cruising(?), possibly military, possibly unknown but wanting to remain anonymous governmental boat/ship. It was however flying a flag I could not identify with an online “flags of the world”. Its name was the “Silver Chalise” spelled with an “S”. It had as many if not more sat communication globes above the bridge than I’ve seen on my own Vista Class ship.

    I’ve tried looking on the various websites and the Silver Chalise isn’t recognized anywhere. Are there any other site in which I can find this stealthy gray enigma? I saw her over Thanksgiving (US) week in Mazatlan and Cabo san Lucas but haven’t been able to identify or track her down.

    Simply my curiosity on such a secretive marine vessel when I live on one for extended periods of time.

    Thanks for any insight.

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