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Insert Text Enters Frequently Used Text From Right Click Menu [Chrome]

If you frequently find you have to enter the same text, on different sites, on a regular basis in text fields then you must obviously know how annoying it can get be to type the same words over and over. Your clipboard can provide you a shortcut in this regard; you can save the text in a TXT file and copy & paste it from there but it remains a redundant process. Insert Text is a Chrome extension that makes it easy for you to enter text like your email address or home address in any part of a text field by saving it to the extension and entering it from the right-click context menu.

Once installed, go to the extension’s options and start saving the text you want to save. Add the text name in the Name field. The name is what will appear when you right-click in a text field. Make sure the name lets you easily identify what text you’ve saved. Do no save sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security number or passwords. In the Text field, enter the text that you find yourself having to type repeatedly and click the save icon.  The options appear in the order they are in added in by default, however, you can reorder them by dragging & dropping them.

Insert Text Settings

Once you’ve added all the options, browse like normal. When you need to enter the text you’ve saved, right-click in the text field or on the web page while ensuring that the cursor is active where you want to insert the text. Choose Insert Text from the right-click context menu and pick which text it is you want to enter.

Insert Text menu

You can delete text that you’ve saved from the extension’s options. The extension can be extremely useful if you often ask and answer questions on forums or if you frequently correspond with people on sites or services that do not allow you to add a signature.

Install Insert Text Extension For Chrome


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