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Synx – Sync Android Videos, Pictures & Music Folders With Local Folders On Your PC

Most Android users, including myself, have to first connect Android to the computer and then manually move files to the local folders and vice versa. There is no way to sync photos, videos, movies, and pictures between the your computer and your Android phone. Copying files frequently to and from your Android device can become a tiresome task. We covered a nice way to automatically backup your Android device when connected to the computer but what if you only want to sync the files between your local folders and Android device?

Synx is an open source application to sync Music, Videos, Movies, and Pictures between your Andriod phone and user-defined local folders. The benefit is that when the change is made on either side, it is reflected on both ends. All that is required to set up Synx is to specify the path of the Andriod device drive, followed by local directories on your PC. Once settings are in place, mount your phone SD card and click big SYNX! button to begin synchronization.

synx 2

Synx performs incremental data synchronization between your phone and local directories, i.e it finds the latest items in corresponding folders and update them accordingly. Synx is in initial development stages, therefore you may encounter some problems while performing sync jobs. The one downside which we noticed with Synx is that it prompts users to specify all multimedia directories even when only, for instance, Music and Pictures folders are to be synced.

Synx works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, provided you have .Net framework 4 installed on your system.

Download Synx


  1. This sounds like a great tool. Thanks.

    You guys should also check out “Sweet Home!” I have been using this application to download picture from my phone to my home PC share over my home WiFi. When I get home and I enable my WiFi, the app kicks in and copies all the new pictures to my home share.

  2. Guys, just wanted to thank you for introducing such tools to everyone. Some of your great articles have no comments but please don’t think they’re not effective. Please continue writing great articles. I love this site!

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