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Janus: View Likes/Dislikes Under YouTube Video Thumbnails [Firefox]

Browsing YouTube can be quite entertaining, but sometimes you get to a point where you start coming across ridiculous videos, even though they have high view counts. This means that a view count can be quite misleading and you shouldn’t really judge a YouTube video based on that alone. Previously, we covered a Chrome extension called YouTube Ratings Preview, that displayed a like bar on YouTube video thumbnails. Janus is s similar Firefox add-on that adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails in both featured videos, search results and related videos. This like/dislike bar allows you to decide whether or not to watch a particular video.

The main focus of the add-on is to add a like/dislike bar for the related videos that show up in a vertical list next to the video you are watching, but Janus also adds this handy bar to the main page and search pages. The add-on also keeps track of ratings info it fetches, so that it doesn’t need to re-fetch the same info, which allows Janus to display that ratings immediately. After installing the add-on, search for a video and like/dislike bar will appear under each video.

like dislike bars

Janus also has an option to hide thumbnails of videos that have a very poor rating. This makes it even easier to ignore useless videos that can simply waste your time.

hide video

The Janus Preferences allow users to hide thumbnails of highly disliked videos. You can set a certain threshold from the drop-down menu for hiding these videos.  If you aren’t just content with hiding them you can choose to remove them altogether from the side or from search results by setting a threshold same as you did for hiding them.

It’s easy to see how this add-on will be useful; YouTube is a rich source of videos but there is a lot of spam on the site as well. Videos with misleading titles and thumbnails often take a user from a useful video to a completely useless one. Not only will it help filter out good or bad videos from those in the suggestions but will also filter out the results when you search on the site itself. The threshold feature allows you to manage just how many dislikes are acceptable and how many are not.

This handy add-on lets you find and watch the best videos on YouTube. Moreover, it also allows prevents users from clicking on spam or random videos.

Install Janus Add-On For Firefox

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