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Labeley.com Lets Beer Lovers Create Exotic Beer Labels [Web]

If you’re a beer lover or just like to brew your own ale, and want to create your very own beer label, then Labeley.com is just what you need. This web app lets you create beer labels without any graphic or technical knowledge, and is very simple to use. You can choose different labels, backgrounds and colors, and not only these, there’s also a collection of main graphics, banners & ribbons to choose from, each with a wide range of colors. You can also upload an image and finish the design by adding text to it. Finally, when you’re done, you can save your label and share it across your social networks, or just print it out.

To start off, select a label shape that you like and assign it a color. There is a wide choice of shapes available. The featured shapes include the common ones you would find on beer or wine bottles in your local super store.  Once you’ve selected the shape and its color, select a background pattern or color. As you create your label, the changes you make are previewed live and you can see how the different elements you add are coming together. Any one of the elements can be skipped by selecting the empty/none option for it.

Make custom beer labels with labeley1

In the Main Graphics tab, you can add decorative borders or some traditional images that you see on bottles of alcoholic drinks such as a coat of arms. You can add banners and ribbons, or just upload an image from your system. The image you add can be edited to include a border of any color and repositioned anywhere on the label. For the text, you can select different fonts, outlines, sizes, effects, text colors and shapes. Done with editing, just hit Apply and your text will be added to the label. Drag the text and place it right where you want it to be. Finally, when you’ve added text and your label is ready, simply save it. You will need to create an account on the website in order to save your label. You may create another, delete the current label, continue editing or download the label from the save and share options.

Make custom beer labels with labeley


Labeley.com is quite a cool web app and is easy to use. It gives the option to use your own custom imagery on a label or go with some traditional shapes and elements that are used for wine labels in case you don’t have your very own logo. Visit the link below and take Labeley.com out for a spin.

Visit Labeley.com

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