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LockMyFavs: Add Password Protected Cloud-Based Bookmarks In Chrome

Often, while we browse the web, we come across pages that we would like to bookmark, but at the same time, we don’t want them to show up in the bookmark bar or folders due to privacy concerns. LockMyFavs is a Chrome extension that lets you easily add and manage bookmarks that nobody needs to see or know about, with the best part being the fact that the bookmarks don’t get stored in your computer, but in the cloud. This means you can access these private bookmarks on any machine. It brings together fast one-click bookmarking through the right-click context menu, and lets you organize your favorites so you can view them later when you have time. All you have to do is right-click a webpage and add it to the pop-up list, or manually add the page by entering a URL and Alias. Once you’ve saved the webpages, click the cross at the bottom of the pop-up to log out.

If you’re sharing a computer and want to bookmark content, without letting others see it, click the button in the toolbar and select the Add fav option, or simply click the Add to LockMyFavs option in the right-click context menu.

context menu

The website will instantly be saved in the pop-up under the Library tab, and you will be able to access it later. Moreover, you can delete your saved pages by clicking the cross that appears over a link when you hover your mouse over it.


The Preferences allow you to change the email and password for your account. When you’re done viewing the bookmarks, simply click the cross at the bottom of the pop-up to log out.


LockMyFavs is an easy-to-use extension that lets you browse the web with privacy, letting you save web pages in a personal list that others are unable to access. The extension is great for saving content that you want to keep secure from prying eyes. It provides faster access and management, and can be grabbed from the link provided below.

Install LockMyFavs For Google Chrome

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