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LYRICSnMUSIC – Get Lyrics And Music Artwork For Any Song In One Place

You hear a new song on the radio that you like, the first thing you’ll want to do is look it up on your favorite song streaming site, you might want to check if there’s an official video on YouTube, if it’s a new band or artist you might want to check out other songs by them. LYRICSnMUSIC is a website that lets you search for everything music related from a single site. It’s like the Inception of music search where you have a search engine within a search engine. You can search for music and lyrics, search Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and touring artists from a single interface.


Simply enter whatever it is you’re looking for, a song, an artist, lyrics, part of lyrics and click GO. To change what you’re searching for, navigate between tabs to search in Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, for Images or for touring bands. The site searches for lyrics and displays them ad-free (no pop-ups of any kind). You can share the lyrics on Facebook or Twitter. The site is a search engine for music, it also provides links to popular music news and streaming sites.


When you’re trying to find a new song, usually what you would do is perhaps Google the bits of lyrics you remember (since there isn’t web app that can identify a song by you just humming the tune) and find the name of the song and artist. If it’s a fairly new song you might have to check several sites before you find it. LYRICSnMUSIC simplifies music search by letting you search the most common and popular platforms from one site.


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