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Mgnet.me – Torrent Magnet Link Shortener

In near future, we are going to see less .torrent files and more magnet links across all torrent sites because it is beneficial to owners of these sites and as well to the users. Magnet link is an alternative to .torrent file, which first has to be downloaded on the local computer and then opened to start a torrent download. The magnet links identify a file by the content’s hash value and are usually long. An example of a magnet URL is, magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ZFDAPKCLULVRSUTTDU.

Sharing such a long magnet link can be difficult on Twitter and other services. This is where Mgnet.me comes in to help. It can shorten the magnet URL in just one click. As you can see in the screenshot below, the above magnet link was shortened to https://mgnet.me/ZxT. Once done, you can copy HTML code or tweet the link.

mgnet.me magnet link shortner

Before shortening the magnet link, you can choose to enter a custom alias, which is optional. If you are looking to create a magnet link using uTorrent, check out guide here.

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