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Create Torrent Magnet Links With uTorrent & Magnetizer

There are hundreds of torrent search engines out there which do not host any torrent files themselves, they simply point the users to 3rd party sites where the .torrent files are hosted. Magnet Links is a technology which is going to be used extensively in the future, some sites now provide Magnet Link alongside .torrent file.

The .torrent file identifies a file by location or name, the Magnet Link on the other hand identifies a file by the content; in layman’s term, by the content’s hast value. This means if the .torrent file is no longer available you will still be able to download the content. Sounds cool, right?

There are two quick ways of generating a magnet link from the .torrent file, using uTorrent(the popular Bittorrent client) and Magnetizer(a tool that nobody has heard about before).

Copy Magnet Links From uTorrent

Open .torrent file with uTorrent, right-click the torrent, and select Copy Magnet URL from the context menu.


Below is an example of a Magnet Link:


Now to test if this magnet link is current, select Add Torrent from URL from the File menu, enter the magnet link and hit OK.

add torrent via magnet link

After sometime the name of torrent will change from magnet link to the original content name. You can use this method to quickly copy a magnet link and share it with your friends.

uTorrent fully supports magnet links, instead of downloading .torrent file from Piratebay or elsewhere it is more easier to grab the Magnet link. Once you click the Magnet Link it will open the default torrent client(in my case it is uTorrent) and start downloading the torrent immediately.

magnet link piratebay

Convert Torrent File To Magnet Links With Magnetizer

Instead of having to first add a torrent to uTorrent and then copy the Magnet Link, the best way is to use a small portable tool called Magnetizer. Just add the torrents and hit Magnetizer, it will start the torrent in your default torrent client. And yes, it can also be used to batch convert the torrents into magnet links.


So what is the purpose of this tool? It is useful if the host takes down the .torrent file and the trackers are no longer available. There is actually a build-in option to fetch more trackers.

Download Magnetizer


  1. Torrent Magnet URL shortening tool. http://mgnet.me

    Supports open api.

    For example magnet:?xt=urn:btih:N5VHIUX2EMQ3DB6 -> http://mgnet.me/@chromeOS

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