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mkmenu: Marking Menu With Custom Search & Gesture-Based Navigation [Chrome]

mkmenu, a Chrome extension, lets you quickly browse and navigate any website with a pie menu. This tool works as a context menu that provides quick access to search and navigation commands. Previously, Marking menu has been used in games, such as The Sims. It brings similar functionality in Chrome, and lets you conveniently search the web. The extension comes with a Background Menu, which lets you preform common navigations actions, such as Back and Forward. It also has a Text Menu that lets you search selected text with one of the eight customizable search engines.

When browsing the web, right-click on the page for a few seconds and hold down, and as you do this, a marking menu will come up. Drag your mouse to one of the options and release when you want to select one.

Background menu.jpg

The Text Menu works similarly; just highlight a word you want to search and right-click, and the text menu will appear instantly, allowing you to search multiple engines, such as Google, Google Images, IMDb, YouTube, Amazon and more.


The mkmenu Options display the eight search engines used for the Text Menu. Be default, you will be able to search Amazon, Google, Google Images, YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDb, Google Translate and Google Maps. The search engines are customizable, and you can replace any one of them with your desired search engine, by changing the name and URL.

mkmenu options

mkmenu allows you to quickly navigate websites and access different search engines, without having to open them individually. You can also instantly access the top and bottom parts of the page, without scrolling the entire webpage. Moreover, it lets you go to Home and open new tabs. Also, you may customize & add your favorite search engines to the text menu, and conveniently search the web. Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install mkmenu For Google Chrome

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