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Museum Of Obsolete Objects: Watch Short Clips On Obsolete Technology

Over the past few years, developments in technology have been more rapid than perhaps anything else. Our daily lives have become more and more digital as old objects, gadgets and devices are replaced with modern ones. With all these changes happening around us, there is a possibility that future generations might never get to know about these obsolete items. Museum of Obsolete Objects is a web app that ensures these objects are not lost forever. It is a YouTube channel created by Jung von Matt, and comes with a very interactive interface, which displays a timeline of objects with informative clips about them.

Slide through the timeline, pick an object and start watching a video about it. The channel lets you learn about different objects, such as fax machine, pocket calculator, typewriter, floppy disk and several others. Under the timeline, you will also be able to find Channel Comments and Profile. You can suggest new objects through the channel’s comments section.


After watching a particular video, you can click Previous or Next and navigate between videos. Each video starts with details about the year the object was invented in, and when it became obsolete. It then follows with a brief description of what and how the object was used followed by an interesting fact. The object’s usage is demonstrated in the video as well. You can share the video on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


The downside to these videos is the voice over which is computer generated speech. The videos themselves are interesting to watch but the voice gets annoying after a while. The content, while to the point and not unnecessarily long can do with a few improvements. Since all videos follow the same pattern, information about why an object became obsolete and what new device replaced it might make the videos more interesting. Common uses for an obsolete object and what led to its popularity can also be added to help users tie in the past and present technology scenario. It is nevertheless an excellent effort to educate the new generation born in the digital age about what life was like before touch screens, blu-rays, tablets and flash drives.

This web app is completely free, and does not require any sign up. Museum Of Obsolete Objects offers an interactive environment that lets you watch interesting clips, either to learn how technology progressed or merely for sake of nostalgia. Visit it at the link below.

Visit Museum Of Obsolete Objects

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