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PDFGeni – Search PDF Books And Documents For Free

PDFGeni is a search engine for searching PDF books and documents quickly. Now the question arises, why not simply use Google for searching PDF files? Because PDFGeni itself is powered by Google. Instead of using complex search expressions to look for PDF files in Google, you can use this service that will do the job for free. All you have to do is to type the name of PDF book and it will show you the results instantly. Below the search bar you will find Hot Searches, where all latest search terms are listed by Country.

pdfgeni logo

While searching, it shows recommendations based on what you have typed so far. Search results are displayed in a simple list order, clicking any result will open the PDF file instantly. During testing, I found the search results to be very accurate. I looked for a few books and found them in the top few search results. PDFGeni itself does not host any books, it simple uses Google to show indexed search results.

pdfgeni search results

Even thought we are impressed with how fast and accurate this service is, there is however one feature we would have loved to see, which is the previewing of PDF file. But this shouldn’t be a problem today if you are using Google Chrome browser since it has a built-in PDF viewer.

No registration is required to use PDFGeni, nor do you have to sign up for anything. The core focus of PDFGeni is to find books but it can also find other types of PDF files, such as, articles, data sheets, magazines, and so on.

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  • Also take a look at the free book search engine. http://www.freebookquest.com. I think you would like it.

  • hi,
    Thanks for reviewing pdfgeni.
    PDFGeni is running on the pdfgeni.org domain now. Please help update the link. Thanks in advance.

  • zhengkaizhou

    good application for pdf ebooks search. maybe also have a look at http://www.filesbot.net.

  • Rinkesh

    pdfcloud.net is an another search engine to look out for any type of document

  • Really good information.. it surely help me in the future..

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    Thanks for sharing the fruitful info.