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pdfy Converts Source Code To PDF File On The Go

Need to share programming language source code with your fellow team members? The best and quick method would be to simply copy the source code from IDE to plain text file, and then send it to others. However, this is unproductive and your team members will not be able to view syntax highlighted text. pdfy is a small online source code conversion app which can seamlessly convert source code into PDF file while keeping the syntax highlighting intact, so you can share the PDF file with others without having to worry about  the required IDE is installed at recipient’s end or not. This online service apparently supports all major programming languages, including C++, PHP, HTML, Java, etc. The conversion process takes no more than a few seconds to convert code files to PDF format. Once converted, it will create a PDF file with download link to save the converted code file on any local directory.

To convert the code file, visit pdfy (link is given at the end of the post), drag it over at defined area and it will start converting the code file. A download link will appear at right side underneath the PDF icon.

pdfy - Source Code . Syntaxhighlighter . PDF - Mozilla Firefox

It’s advisable to properly indent the code before converting the file through it, as it replicates the whole code structure without making any changes except adding line number bar.

code file (2)

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